WildCats Conservation Alliance



WildCats Conservation Alliance (formerly 21st Century Tiger) supports locally appropriate programs that address key conservation issues through anti-poaching activities, population monitoring, wildlife health monitoring, conflict mitigation, education & outreach and capacity building.

Selatan requests that all monies donated are directed to programmes based in Kerinci Seblat National Park (KSNP) whose goals are to secure a sustained, natural increase in Sumatran tiger populations in KSNP through reduced threat to tiger, tiger prey and habitat, underwritten by effective collaborations between national and local government, local civil society and forest-edge communities.

Objective 1: Consolidate gains made since 2016 in detecting and containing direct and indirect threat to the Sumatran tiger and through conserving and protecting wild Sumatran tiger, their prey and habitat, and so support a natural increase in tiger numbers.

Objective 2: Investigate and identify poachers and illegal wildlife traders, their networks and trade routes and support law enforcement where evidence is available.

Objective 3: Tiger Protection and Conservation Units conduct fair and appropriate law enforcement directly while on patrol or through partnering with other government agencies when outside the national park and law enforcement leverages reduced threat to tiger, prey and habitat through deterring tiger and other wildlife poachers and forest crime more widely.

Objective 4: Respond swiftly to and mitigate human-tiger conflicts when reported, where possible before livestock predation has occurred, using a nationally approved conflict mitigation protocol, with the purpose of protecting both tigers and forest-edge community livelihoods.

Selatan has had a relationship with WildCats Conservation Alliance since 2003 and donates 20% of the profits of every sale. As at April 2024, Selatan has donated $112,901.04 in support of wild Sumatran tiger conservation.

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