As at July 01, 2022 ...

My relationship with 21st Century Tiger began way back in 2003, when ARAZPA (as it was then known), the governing body for Australasian zoos ran a highly successful regional fundraising campaign for wild tigers, with all funds raised being channelled through 21st Century Tiger.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo, (the organisation I was working for at the time) raised in excess of $30,000, of which I raised approximately one third.

Again in 2010, approximately $9,000 was raised through the sale of a 2010 Tiger Calendar, designed by myself.


These two fundraising efforts raised a combined total of £15,535 and subsequently awarded the 'Year of the Tiger Gold Certificate' from 21st Century Tiger.

I continue my relationship with WildCats Conservation Alliance (formerly known as 21st Century Tiger) now through Selatan and whilst our 'micro' business is still in its infancy, we are committed to supporting wild tiger conservation and as at July 2022 we have donated a percentage of the retail price of every item sold equating AU$85,828.25.